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Oculus Rift S Review

Oculus Rift S: Quick Overview VR has undergone many changes since Palmer Luckey first introduced us to the fascinating Oculus Rift 7 years ago. The Oculus Rift played a significant role in making VR seem real. Now owned by Facebook, the new kid on the block, the Oculus Rift S, is the company’s latest shot […]

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How To Tell if Your PC is VR Ready

What is a VR ready PC? Every day, we see new PCs being slapped with a “VR READY” label, but do you really know what that tag means? According to PC Mag’ encyclopedia, VR ready means a computer that’s fast enough to support VR applications and capable of delivering immersive gaming with richly detailed, 3D […]

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Things to Consider Before Buying a VR Headset

VR is mainstream, and 2019 is set to be the defining moment for VR. Oculus existence has spurred big names like Google, Microsoft, Sony, Facebook, Samsung, etc. to join the bandwagon and achieve mainstream success and recognition. The competition has pushed prices down, making VR even more accessible. Projections put VR gaming sales to reach […]

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