How to Get Fit With VR Games

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High-end VR headsets have finally made it into the hands of consumers. For the uninitiated, VR refers to the computer-generated simulation of a 3D environment that you can access using a VR headset. A VR headset immerses you in a digital environment that you can interact with using gloves fitted with sensors or hand controllers. With VR, you can climb virtual mountains, explore stunning landscapes, zoom in to any location with virtual Google Earth, and the list goes on and on.

These days, it’s hard to be on the internet and not seeing some news about the impact of VR on just about any industry. Previously, the VR technology has for the most part focused on gaming and entertainment. There is a new wave and start-ups have decided to go the fitness route. Something funny happened when gamers began playing games in VR: they broke a sweat while dodging, hitting and jumping over imaginary opponents. This inadvertently made them get a workout, making it an unexpected but welcome benefit of VR gaming.

The importance of working out can’t be stressed enough. Lifting weights, cycling or jogging could save you up from coronary heart diseases, diabetes and other obesity-related unplesantries.

Is Getting Fit With VR Games Better Than Going to the Gym?

This newfound technology is causing a stir in the fitness industry, and why not? Going to your local gym can get boring over time. Same place, same trainers, same routines, same training partners…you get the drill. Statistically, over 80 percent of folks who sign up for a gym membership quit after a few months. Sure, you can listen to music, podcasts or audio books while working out but that may not be enough motivation. That’s where VR chips in. It gives you tangible goals that will motivate you by bringing out your sense of competitiveness. With VR, you won’t have to worry about going to the gym. Instead, the gym will come to you.

Though several other virtual trainers and simulators have tried to woo gym-goers in the past, VR headsets have made the hugest impact. VR games break the monotony of running on a treadmill or sitting on a stationary bike. It makes fitness to not seem like exercise – simple and fun. Thanks to the fully immersed gamified experience, VR games make you want to work out harder than you normally would.

If you find gym environments rather off-putting, we have a solution for you! To get you started, I have prepared a list of VR games that can really pack a fitness punch. If you have a high-end HMD, you can play these 5 games and begin your fitness journey today!

  1. Thrill of the Fight

Boxing has been proven to be a quick way to get in shape. Designed for room scale VR, Thrill of the Fight may not have the Vegas setting or crowds cheering you on, but it does have everything fit about boxing. Battle unique challengers with their own techniques by blocking blows, swinging jabs, punching, ducking and dodging punches. If you don’t experience a burning sensation after the game, then you’re simply not playing it right. Some people may argue that punching in the air is not as effective as punching a bag which is not true. When you punch a bag, your target is not just hitting the bag. Rather, the repetitive motion and using the same muscles creates the fatigue and burn in your shoulders, arm and core. Besides punching, this game lets you twist and rotate your body.  A 20-minute session with Thrill of the Fight lets you burn over 350 calories.

  1. Holopoint

VR games don’t have to be boring, and thanks to Hologram, they no longer are. This game might be dreadful when starting out, but with time, you will appreciate the process. Most trainers incorporate it in the final stage of a training sesh. Holopoint is similar to HIIT as it targets many muscles. It combines the following exercise to keep you fit: fast-paced spinning, rowing motions targeting your shoulders and back, dodging and twisting that hit your core, and complete body motion and alertness to give you lunge-like motions targeting your legs. See this standing/room scale game as a high-intensity internal workout session. A solid 20-minute session with Holopoint will burn 400 calories or more.

  1. VirZoom’s VZFit

Stationary exercise bikes can be boring, but VirZoom makes things fun with a suite of bike-ready VR arcade games. VirZoom promises to transform every workout into an adventure. It brings VR to indoor exercise bikes with Discover SE3 tablet consoles, but doesn’t ship with a VR headset. This means that you will have to buy yourself a PSVR, HTC Vive, Gear VR, Google Daydream or Oculus Rift in advance to use it on your own stationary bike. For an immersive workout experience, you can drive a racecar, kayak, hop on a helicopter or ride a horse through a digital world. The faster you pedal, the faster your horse runs. The resistance buttons serve as game play buttons. The ability to set up exciting Virtual Reality competitions and a steady stream of new content will keep you engaged and fit.

  1. Guided Meditation VR

This VR relaxation app is like a personal trainer for your mind – it lets you recharge in custom-built exotic locations across the world. You can download the app on your Gear VR, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, HMD Oculus Go or Oculus Rift. By exploring new enticing surroundings anywhere in the world (300+ meditation spots and 20+ environments), you will expand your mind without ever leaving your room. Whether you want to be still in nature or search for more energy, there is a custom virtual meditation made to address your unique needs. If you are undecided, Guided Meditation VR will recommend the perfect relaxation technique for you. Bring joy, peace and tranquility back into your daily life.

  1. Audioshield

Get your dancing shoes on; you’re going to enjoy this game! If you played Audiosurf as a teen, then you’ve got an idea how this game works. Audioshield lets you experience your entire music collection in VR. You can use their extensive library, or load up your favorite music. This fast-paced game gives you decent beats and cool light show to warm you up before doing those intense workouts. Audioshield makes you perform a wide range of motion movements like making rapid-fire presses, swinging your arms and making side lunges. Audioshield lets the beat glide smoothly for mellow part of the songs, and then plays upbeat beats for double-shield, cross-body and high-altitude hits. Playing Audioshield for only 20 minutes will let you burn over 150 calories. To turn this warm-up game into a lean muscle builder, try wearing some wrist weights.


Often, going to the gyms feels like just another chore. And it’s not just the physical effort, but because working out in a small enclosed space while staring at blank walls is the textbook definition of boring. A while back, the idea of being able to play your favorite game while getting a real work out was nothing but a pipe dream. Thanks to VR, the cutting-edge technology has opened up the fitness world to a new level with immersive VR workout games. Each of the 5 fun and engaging games discussed in this post provides you with a multi-tiered approach, incorporating innovative technology meant to get your body moving, and exercises focusing on specific muscle groups.

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