Things to Do With a VR Headset

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Virtual reality is becoming a part of the mainstream now, and, you may have heard of people playing shooter games or watching VR movies. However, there is so much more you can do with a VR headset. Today we want to talk about some super cool things to do with a VR headset, from flying like a bird to visiting colleges without ever having to leave your home!

Amusement Park Rides

Something really neat that you can do with your VR headset is to go on amusement park rides without ever having to leave your home. The main attraction is the ability to “ride” a variety of rollercoasters that move at breakneck speeds. At this time, Oculus Rift has one of the best roller coaster simulators called No Limits 2. It provides you with a real-life roller coaster experience that will have you screaming with joy, fear, or both.

Fly Like A Bird

One of the coolest things to do with your VR headset is to fly like a bird. Recently an app called Birdly was released for VR headsets. This is a simulation of a bird-like flight experience which lets you fly around just like a bird. You can ascend, dive, and everything in between, while viewing amazing landscapes from a bird’s eye view. What you do need to know is that you do need a special “flying” apparatus for this. It’s actually a hydraulic machine that you would have to purchase, which is very expensive, but nonetheless, it’s the only bird flight virtual reality simulator of its kind out there right now.


If you would rather experience the freefall effect of skydiving, rather than flying like a bird, that is a possibility as well. Now, once again, just like with Birdly, the Volo Airspot skydiving simulator is probably not something you can do from the comfort of your own home, as there is a pretty big setup of cables and wires involved. You are hooked up to this mechanism where you are in the air, with various cables and wires moving your body and limbs in conjunction with what you see in the VR headset, all to simulate skydiving. It can be pretty scary, but it’s also super cool.

College Campus Visits

Ok, so admittedly much less exciting than riding a virtual roller coaster or flying like a bird, the ability to visit college campuses in virtual reality is quite useful for high school seniors and their parents. is a website where you can use an Oculus Rift or various other virtual reality headsets to visit literally thousands of colleges and universities in virtual reality. It’s a great way to do a campus tour, to check out various buildings and amenities, and so much more. In case you would like to go to a certain college, but don’t want to take a massive trip just to visit the place, this is a great resource for you. You can visit various colleges without spending a ton of cash or time to actually get there in real life.

Create Your Own 3D Art

Something that the artists of the world might really enjoy is that most VR headsets out there, at least the high-quality options, come with applications so you can create your own 3D art. You can pick your brushes, colors, tools, and whatever else, and create some really astounding 3D art, just like an artist in front of a canvas.

Virtual Real Estate

This service is also brought to you by, the same people who offer the virtual reality tours of college campuses. However, instead of visiting college campuses, you can visit various real estate listings. Some people may not want to visit a home they wish to purchase in virtual reality. Yes, it’s always better to see it in real life; however, with this service, it gets pretty close, and you can go visit your next potential home without ever leaving your current home. This might just be the next big thing in the real estate market, and it is going to change the meaning of what an open house is.

Shooting Games

Here we have something a bit more conventional for the average gamer, for someone who wants to experience the rush of being immersed in a shootout, hostage situation, or full-blown war. There are plenty of virtual reality shooter games which promise to bring the action into your home. One of the most popular ones is Zombie Shooter, where you are under attack by an endless horde of zombies. It gets pretty scary and gets your heart pumping full speed.

Mountain Biking

Yet another big-time action sport that you can simulate using a VR headset is extreme or downhill mountain biking. In real life, this is a risky sport, even with an occasional fatality. There is also the fact that mountain biking gear, the good stuff, is expensive. If you would like to try some extreme mountain biking without the massive cost or risk of injury, there are various VR biking games or simulators available.

Become Someone Else

One of the coolest things to do with a VR headset is to become someone else, specifically another gender. Here, two people can wear a VR headset, usually a man and woman, then the woman sees what the man sees and vice versa. It can put two people in opposite bodies, with the aim being to understand other genders much better. It might not be exciting like a zombie shootout or virtual skydiving, but for the world of social sciences and biology, it has some really neat applications.


These are just some of the things you can do with a VR headset, but there are many more cool apps out there, and a lot more coming in the next few years, so stay tuned.

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