How to Use Virtual Reality Glasses

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How to use your VR glasses depends a great deal on what kind of VR headset you have. Currently, there are three primary types of VR devices, grouped by the device (or lack of devices) that they connect to. Here is a brief explanation of how to use the different types of VR glasses.

VR Glasses Tethered to a PC or Console

These kinds of VR systems are connected to a computer or a console with cables, and are set up in a stable environment with VR sensors in the room that feed data back to the computer or console.

How to use a VR headset with a PC

Assuming your PC is VR-ready, and you have a system with the recommended specs for your VR glasses, then setting up and using VR with a PC is fairly straightforward. Generally speaking, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install the VR software that comes with your VR headset onto your PC. The software should guide you through installation.
  2. Connect all the VR sensors. You will need to plug your VR headset and the sensors that come with your VR system into the PC. Make sure the software recognizes and registers each one.
  3. Connect your VR controller(s). Your input device(s) will need to be paired with the software on your PC for wireless connectivity.
  4. Firmware update. Once everything is connected, your VR system will likely need to run a firmware update.
  5. Place your sensors. Your sensors will need to be placed in the room and registered to track your movement in 3D space. Follow the instructions in your VR software.
  6. Adjust the headset. Put on your VR headset and adjust the straps and lenses until you are comfortable and have a good view through the VR goggles.
  7. Use your VR system! At this point, the VR software will probably guide you through a tutorial that teaches you how to move, interact, and feel comfortable in your own virtual world.

How to use a VR headset with a Gaming Console

Most gaming console VR systems come with the glasses, controllers, sensors, and a processing unit. The processing unit is installed between the console and the TV, so that gaming experiences can be seen and shared outside of the VR headset. To set up a VR headset with a console:

  1. Connect your gaming console and television into the VR processing unit using HDMI cables.
  2. Plug in the processing unit with an AC adapter
  3. Connect your VR headset to the processing unit
  4. Connect the external cameras or sensors to your gaming console
  5. Turn on the console, and follow on-screen instructions for configuration and setup of the headset and input devices

Mobile VR glasses with a smartphone

One of the fastest and easiest ways to access the world of virtual reality is through your smartphone. In these cases, the VR “glasses” are the screen of your smartphone, and the headset is a harness that holds the phone on your head, with lenses to experience VR on your screen. The VR technologies are the app(s) that allow you to have virtual experiences with your smartphone. In most cases, you will also want to use headphones for audio that provides the most immersive experiences.

How to use VR glasses with an iPhone

All you need to use VR with an iPhone is the VR viewing device and the VR apps you’ve installed on your phone. Once you have an iPhone-compatible VR headset, simply follow these steps

  • Open the VR app you want to use
  • Place your iPhone in the VR viewer and put the viewer headset on your head
  • Depending on the apps you are using, you may have a short tutorial to show you how to interact with the app. Some apps are simply viewing experiences, and some are interactive. You may also need to use your VR headset’s control panel to adjust settings to suit you better.

How to use VR glasses with an Android phone

Not every Android phone is compatible with VR devices and apps, and different phones connect with VR glasses in different ways. When you have a compatible phone and VR headset, these are the steps to follow, in most cases:

  • Download the companion app for your VR viewer
  • The companion app will show you how to configure, customize, and use your VR glasses
  • Download VR apps. In many cases, the VR app will recommend compatible apps. Visit the Play Store and browse for VR apps that will work with your viewer
  • Install the app, launch the app, and then place your Android phone in your VR headset.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to use the app

All-in-one VR headset

The latest generations of VR glasses are all-in-one devices that don’t require any external wires, devices, or connections. Simply place the headset on your head, and experience VR technologies anywhere you are. These devices usually consist of a headset, a controller, and often have built-in headphones or earbuds for audio. These devices typically have content libraries, either their own content, or through compatibility with other VR apps. With these devices, you simply charge them up, put them on, and go. Onscreen tutorials will guide you how to configure and use your VR glasses.


Every VR headset works slightly differently, and has different requirements, so each one has tutorials and installation instructions so that you get comfortable quickly. Likewise, every VR experience works slightly differently, so most of them will also have a tutorial or training area so you can learn how to interact with each one. With a little practice, you will be experiencing the virtual world just as naturally and easily as you experience the real one.

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